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The Secret Behind Selfies


Selfies, or self-portraits, are a fever that had its beginning with the smartphone and social media and has not left the trends until then. Every day, every hour, someone is always taking a selfie to post online or to save it as a memory. However, not everyone comes out beautifully in those photos. Is it because they are ugly? Or is it because the photo was poorly taken? Believe me, most of the time it is the second option.

First of all, there is no such thing as “ugly”. When the photograph is poorly taken, not even the most beautiful model in the world can dodge some imperfections. It is not a joke. There are multiple things that can influence how the final image will be, such as lighting, the position of the camera, the angle of the face, among others. The most important of them all is the lighting. Unbeknownst to most people, the light and how it shines upon the face can affect the shape and the size of your face and even the feeling conveyed in the picture! It happens because the light also creates shadows in unwanted places.

For example, horror-themed photographs usually have a source of light from the bottom, thus covering most of the face in shadows and highlighting the eyes. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a direct light in front of you when taking your picture, so your skin will look shiny and healthy, also, you will be able to highlight the colour of your eyes. On the other hand, do not photograph with a light behind you as it will result in a dark picture with little details. Furthermore, prefer to use natural light, as it will give your skin a natural and not too intense glow.

The angle of the picture is also very important because it can drastically change the result. Just like the lighting, the position and the angle of the camera can – believe it or not – change the shape of your face, in other words, you can use it as a trick to make your face appear thinner. Therefore, you should not be afraid to try different angles, in fact, you should test with as many angles as you can, that way you will find your perfect angle and will be able to always take beautiful images of yourself. However, be cautious of certain positionings of the camera as it can cause lots of trouble! Photographs which were taken from a lower level than the face, for example, tend to make the face look bigger, on the other side, when the camera is too high, your forehead may look bigger too. With that said, it is important to emphasize that the right angle changes accordingly to the person and you should not be afraid to search for yours!

These tips were created to help people who cannot take a high-quality self-portrait and even for those who want to upgrade their ability to take selfies. Therefore, with that in mind, always remember to search for your best angle, choose to photograph with a direct and natural light, also, choose the best position of the camera to best fit the desired result. Thereon, have fun taking as many selfies you want to, without the fear of making common mistakes.

Want more tips from an actual professional photographer. Speak with David Dean of

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Food Photography Styling


Top Ways to Improve Your Food Photography Styling

In the given highly digitalized era, food photography has reached its apex with the leading food bloggers, social media influencers, restaurants, cafes, and foodies all around the globe. While portrait photographers are required to be adept in the art of bringing the respective subjects to sit & relax in front of the camera for getting the best shot, the best food photographers out there have got things slightly different & simpler on their way.

However, this fact does not imply that professional food photographers out there should forget about applying any specific style to the respective food styling department. The more time you would spend on making your food appear attractive & stylish, the easier it would become for you to gain attention from the target audience. If you are looking for effective ways of improving the overall food photography styling, here are some easy tips:

  • Make Use of Less Food: While it might appear generous to serving plates piled with food, an over-crowded platter might only result in making it appear less appealing in comparison to a minimalist spread. As a professional food photographer, you must think about using the white space of the available platter for framing your dish in an appealing manner.
  • Look for Contrasts with Relevant Backgrounds: While there could be moments when all white on white in food photography might appear visually striking, you can try getting better shots with contrasts. Therefore, a pale-colored food item & the plate can get a dark background. On the other hand, a vibrantly-colored food item turns out to be at its best appearance-wise with a simple, plain white background.
  • Allow Natural Food Spill-Over: Quite contrary to the common belief, getting messy with your food presentation during food photography can help in adding a lot of movement & vibrant life to your food photographs. Thus, you can allow for food to spill over naturally towards shooting perfectly-timed photographs.
  • Select Simple Tableware & Crockery: While high-quality, decorative China ware & napery might add the food a beautiful touch, they can also result in creating ample distractions from the overall visual effect of the food on the viewers. As such, plain tableware & crockery like plain plates can allow the food appear immensely appealing on the visual fronts.
  • Emphasize the Natural Beauty of the Food: Think about all possible ways of making the particular dish appear delicious. Serve it in the way that flaunts the natural beauty of the give food item in the photographs. For instance, you can consider amplifying the beauty of the golden, crispy chicken instead of slicing through it and then, taking out photographs of the same.
  • Always Look Out for Creative Ideas: Inspiration could strike you from anywhere. Whether you are eating out or looking through the recipes of your favorite dish online, keep looking for creative ways of styling your food during professional food photography.

Style the food in the best possible manner for the best photographs – Adrian Harrison Photography’s!

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Fund raising to help launch a new soap brand


Think of some popular soap brands around that are niche enough to be able to specialise in one particular area – i.e. soaps, but not too big a brand with multiple product categories etc. This way we are able to focus our brand around soaps and market our products towards an upper end demographic. Thus profit margins are higher due to exclusivity and luxury handmade brand image.

The latest idea that has been presented is that of Sabai Soaps. The brand will specialise in retailing organic soap, natural soap and handmade soap.

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Our first funding raising challenge – a couple’s wedding


We are trying to raise as much money as possible for a couple that lost all their savings when a rouge wedding company went bust. The company disappeared and so did the couple’s money. So, we are on the quest to help these guys out and get them the wedding they deserve!

First off are the wedding dresses, we want the bride to have the very best of dresses for both the wedding and the evening, so for that we have narrowed down our choice of supplier to the wonderful Dynasty London. They offer a huge selection of dresses for all brides, everything from plus size wedding dresses, plus size evening dresses to mother of the bride dresses, designer wedding dresses and even long sleeve wedding dresses, and for the younger generation, UK prom dresses. That is one of the items on the wedding list we believe we have sorted.

Next we need to think about the wedding venue, for this we have a few venues that can be chosen of which each of the venue owners have agreed to a huge discount for this couple due to their situation. The choices are a number of venues throughout central Scotland as this is where they are both from and live. We’ve got Gean House in Stirling, Culcreuch Castle Hotel near Fintry, Glenskirlie House & Castle in Falkirk and Inglewood House and Spa also in Stirling.

One thing we wanted to consider is that of the wedding car, with many suppliers throughout central Scotland. But we were specifically looking for one that offered the luxurious Land Rover Range Rover in which there are not that many. The reason for this is that we know that this was something that the couple had previously chosen and as such we can’t let anyone change this!

With all of the above choices, with your contribution each option comes with a vote system so that you can choose what you think is the best, we will then reveal all the answers and report back after their big day!

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