Our first funding raising challenge – a couple’s wedding

We are trying to raise as much money as possible for a couple that lost all their savings when a rouge wedding company went bust. The company disappeared and so did the couple’s money. So, we are on the quest to help these guys out and get them the wedding they deserve!

First off are the wedding dresses, we want the bride to have the very best of dresses for both the wedding and the evening, so for that we have narrowed down our choice of supplier to the wonderful Dynasty London. They offer a huge selection of dresses for all brides, everything from plus size wedding dresses, plus size evening dresses to mother of the bride dresses, designer wedding dresses and even long sleeve wedding dresses, and for the younger generation, UK prom dresses. That is one of the items on the wedding list we believe we have sorted.

Next we need to think about the wedding venue, for this we have a few venues that can be chosen of which each of the venue owners have agreed to a huge discount for this couple due to their situation. The choices are a number of venues throughout central Scotland as this is where they are both from and live. We’ve got Gean House in Stirling, Culcreuch Castle Hotel near Fintry, Glenskirlie House & Castle in Falkirk and Inglewood House and Spa also in Stirling.

One thing we wanted to consider is that of the wedding car, with many suppliers throughout central Scotland. But we were specifically looking for one that offered the luxurious Land Rover Range Rover in which there are not that many. The reason for this is that we know that this was something that the couple had previously chosen and as such we can’t let anyone change this!

With all of the above choices, with your contribution each option comes with a vote system so that you can choose what you think is the best, we will then reveal all the answers and report back after their big day!

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