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Top Ways to Improve Your Food Photography Styling

In the given highly digitalized era, food photography has reached its apex with the leading food bloggers, social media influencers, restaurants, cafes, and foodies all around the globe. While portrait photographers are required to be adept in the art of bringing the respective subjects to sit & relax in front of the camera for getting the best shot, the best food photographers out there have got things slightly different & simpler on their way.

However, this fact does not imply that professional food photographers out there should forget about applying any specific style to the respective food styling department. The more time you would spend on making your food appear attractive & stylish, the easier it would become for you to gain attention from the target audience. If you are looking for effective ways of improving the overall food photography styling, here are some easy tips:

  • Make Use of Less Food: While it might appear generous to serving plates piled with food, an over-crowded platter might only result in making it appear less appealing in comparison to a minimalist spread. As a professional food photographer, you must think about using the white space of the available platter for framing your dish in an appealing manner.
  • Look for Contrasts with Relevant Backgrounds: While there could be moments when all white on white in food photography might appear visually striking, you can try getting better shots with contrasts. Therefore, a pale-colored food item & the plate can get a dark background. On the other hand, a vibrantly-colored food item turns out to be at its best appearance-wise with a simple, plain white background.
  • Allow Natural Food Spill-Over: Quite contrary to the common belief, getting messy with your food presentation during food photography can help in adding a lot of movement & vibrant life to your food photographs. Thus, you can allow for food to spill over naturally towards shooting perfectly-timed photographs.
  • Select Simple Tableware & Crockery: While high-quality, decorative China ware & napery might add the food a beautiful touch, they can also result in creating ample distractions from the overall visual effect of the food on the viewers. As such, plain tableware & crockery like plain plates can allow the food appear immensely appealing on the visual fronts.
  • Emphasize the Natural Beauty of the Food: Think about all possible ways of making the particular dish appear delicious. Serve it in the way that flaunts the natural beauty of the give food item in the photographs. For instance, you can consider amplifying the beauty of the golden, crispy chicken instead of slicing through it and then, taking out photographs of the same.
  • Always Look Out for Creative Ideas: Inspiration could strike you from anywhere. Whether you are eating out or looking through the recipes of your favorite dish online, keep looking for creative ways of styling your food during professional food photography.

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